gdmGary Martin was born in 1947 and never looked back. Well, hardly ever. OK, OK, there was that one time in 1968 with Mary Linda Podgorsky but if you had seen Mary Linda back then . . . Where was I?
I am retired now from a varied career that included silversmithing, working with the children of migrant workers, church sextoning, employment counseling and teaching school in a Jarai (Montagnard) village.
I live in Common Fence Point in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, with my wife and cat, the Empress Bean, (the cat, not my wife – she is the Empress Patricia.)
I claim that all these illustrated {things} are original, but of course, they’re not. Some astute reader will jump up, point to the screen and shout, “I saw this in Mad Magazine in 1961!” That’s quite possible. What I do claim is that I didn’t find any of these anywhere and give you my interpretation of them. They sprang from my brain to the best of my knowledge. Also, I am, charitably, fairly average in my use of Photoshop to assemble these {things.} If you want to criticize my ineptitude there, go right ahead.
I hope you enjoy them as that is their only raison d’être.

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